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Episode 11 - February 25th 2021. Welcoming our first guest host Levin! Menstrual products in all washrooms (not just women's or all-gender); gender and sexuality questions on the K-12 student census in Ontario schools. | Part 1/2 Part 2/2


Episode 10 - February 11th 2021. Spotlighting Black queer and/or trans icons, all music by Black artists, Stormé Delarverie, Beverly Glenn-Copeland. Part 1/2 [Begin at 5:10 after the hour.] | Part 2/2

Episode 9 - January 28th 2021. Reelout Queer Film Festival with special guest Tama Lang, Technical Director (and Lee's partner), Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender (novel about a trans kid), non-linear representations of transition and trans people in popular culture. Part 1/1


Episode 8 - January 14th 2021. New Years resolutions, general and transgender: take care of the clothing that works for you, don't educate people all the time if you can't. Part 1/2 [Begin at 7:55 after the hour.] | Part 2/2

Episode 7- December 17th 2020. Mainstream queer Christmas movie critique (Happiest Season and Christmas House), gender and gift-giving. Part 1/1

Episode 6 - December 3rd 2020. Elliot Page coming out as trans, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Sarah McLachlan are not things 16 year-olds know about, the awkwardness of Zoom socializing. Part 1/1


Episode 5 - November 19th 2020. Interview with Steve Ward (Lead Administrator of Limestone Virtual School), queer artists Gay Jesus and Kent Monkman, new music from The Astros. Part 1/1

Episode 4 - November 5th 2020. The Craft: Legacy, representations of feminist men and trans people in pop culture. Part 1/2 [Begin at 7:15 after the hour.] | Part 2/2


Episode 3 - October 29th 2020. Samhain / Hallowe'en edition. Samhain traditions and rituals, paganism, spirituality and queer/trans life. Part 1/1


Episode 2 - October 22nd 2020. Gender reveal parties, Lee's new book, how teachers can teach about gender diversity. Part 1/2 [Begin at 14:00 after the hour.] | Part 2/2

Episode 1 - October 8th 2020. Enola (film), Lovecraft Country (TV), #proudboys gay Twitter takeover, queer representations of straight people/couples in popular culture. Part 1/2 | Part 2/2