Gender Expression is for Everyone: A Trickle-Up Approach to Systemic Human Rights-Related Changes in Ontario Schools

PI, SSHRC Connection Grant (2020-2021)

With CI Dr. Kyle Kirkup and past/present RAs Jacob DesRochers, Shay Hadley, Kel Martin, and Morgan Oddie.

Knowledge and resource hub for K-12 student gender expression and gender identity self-advocacy launched in May 2021. 

Gender Expression Under Construction: How School Boards Are Shaping Ontario's Newest Human Rights Category

PI, SSHRC Insight Development Grant (2018-2020)

PI, SSHRC SIG Explore Grant, Queen's University (2018)

PI, Seed Grant, Queen's University, Faculty of Education (2018)

CI, Seed Grant, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law (2018)

With CI Dr. Kyle Kirkup and past/present RAs Laura Abrioux, Jacob DesRochers, Mandeep Gabhi, Kel Martin, Allison McMillanOlivia Rondeau, and Hardie Rath-Wilson.

Dissemination and knowledge mobilization phase.

Airton, L., DesRochers, J., Kirkup, K., & Herriot, L. (In Press).

Toby goes to Catholic school: Gender expression human rights and Ontario Catholic school board policyCanadian Journal of Education. [Open Access version.]

Kirkup, K., Airton, L., McMillan, A., & DesRochers, J. (2020). The aftermath of human rights protections: Gender identity, gender expression, and the socio-legal regulation of school boardsCanadian Journal of Law & Society. (Advanced online publication.) [Open Access version.]

Airton, L., Kirkup, K., McMillan, A., & DesRochers, J. (2019). What is "gender expression"? How a new and nebulous human rights construct is taking shape in Ontario school board policy documentsCanadian Journal of Education, 42(4), 1154-1182. [Open access version.]

Other Research in this Strand

Timmons, K., & Airton, L. (2020). Welcoming gender diversity in the early years: Interpreting professional guiding documents for gender-expansive practiceContemporary Issues in Early Childhood. (Advanced online publication.) [Open access version.]

Martino, W., Airton, L., Cumming-Potvin, W., & Kuhl, D. (2018). Mapping transgender policyscapes: A policy analysis of transgender inclusivity and gender diversity in the education system in OntarioJournal of Education Policy, 34(3), 302-330.

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Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Teacher Candidates: Shifting from a Reactive to Proactive Stance

PI, Association of Commonwealth Univ. Gender Grant (2020)

PI, Education Dean's Research Endowment (2019-2020)

CI, Seed Grant, Queen's University, Faculty of Education (2018)


With Co-PI Dr. Michelle Searle and past/present RAs Kel Martin, Natalie Lefebvre, Tristan Lewis and Sofia Melendez.

No Level Playing Field: Towards Quantifying Intersectionality in Large-Scale Population Studies


CI, SSHRC Insight Development Grant (2020-2022)

With PI Dr. Eun-Young Lee and past/present RAs Hassina Alizai, Mandeep Gabhi, William Horton, Eun Jung, Aakriti Kapoor, and Heejun Lim.

Initial instrument development for a forthcoming cross-Canada study of how variables related to teacher candidate social position, teacher education program and practicum school impact the practicum experiences of teacher candidates from over- and under-represented groups.

Lim, H., Jung, E., Jodoin, K., Du, O., Airton, L., & Lee, E-Y. (Under Review). A scoping review of intersectionality in physical activity participation.

Other Research in this Strand

Airton, L., & Koecher, A. (2019). How to hit a moving target: Thirty-five years of gender and sexual diversity in teacher educationTeaching and Teacher Education, 80, 190-204. [Open Access version.]

Airton, L. (2014). Hatred haunting hallways: Teacher education and the badness of homophobia(s). In E. J. Meyer & D. Carlson (Eds.), Gender and sexualities in education: A reader (pp. 387-399). New York, NY: Peter Lang. [Open Access version.]

College Campus


Pedagogies for a Polarized World

Airton, L. (Under Review). You don’t know me: Welcoming gender diversity in schools via an ethic of hospitality.

Airton, L., & Woolley, S. (2021). The chalice (or, how to occult yourself, gender-wise): An affective exploration of ‘teaching about gender diversity.’ (Advanced online publication.) Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies. [Open Access version.]

Airton, L. (2020). Resistance is useful: Social justice teacher education as an affective craft. In B. Dernikos, N. Lesko, S. McCall, & A. Niccolini (Eds.), Mapping the affective turn in education: Theory, research, and pedagogies. Routledge. [Open Access version.]

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Airton, L. (2018). The de/politicization of pronouns: Implications of the No Big Deal Campaign for gender-expansive educational policy and practiceGender and Education, 30(6), 790-810. [Open Access version.]